Elite Futures Soccer League

PDA host the second EFSL festival!

The PDA teams up with E.F.S.L. to meet the needs of small sided soccer.

for Ages U7 to U11
Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

The second small sided US Club Soccer sanctioned festival took place at the PDA with five clubs, Princeton SA, FC Lehigh, Jersey United, Benfica and the Players Development Academy. The day was a huge success with over 250 players in attendance, with ninety games played!
Small-Sided Soccer recognizes the fact that younger children perform better in smaller teams with simple Laws.
Small-Sided Soccer, however, is more than another version of 11-a-side soccer for the following reasons:

• It recognizes that children do not perform as adults and therefore modified FIFA’s Laws, should meet the needs of children.
• It has all the features of ‘real’ soccer to children.
• It doesn’t set unrealistic expectations. Many adults do not know what can be expected of children and so emphasize the result at the expense of performance.. Small-Sided Soccer helps by defining the targets for children at different ages.
• It sets a standard and a framework for behavior on and off the pitch.


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