Private Training - Individual or Small Group Training

Looking for additional training sessions to supplement you're team training?



If you are looking for Private training sessions or small group session's, please feel free to reach out and we can set you up with one of our Professional trainers who is able to best serve you with your individual needs.


Price will be based on the size of the group and the trainer you work with.


If you are looking to work on a specific skill or a technique of shooting etc, you would be best suited to an individual training session, If you are looking for a session such as beating a defender or combination play etc, this type of session would require an opponent, therefore a small group would be required.


You can suggest a group of players you think are at a similar level, or we could potentially place you in an existing group.


These sessions are for PDA & Non - PDA players.


Any questions or for more infomation please reach out to Nick Heinemann,


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