Weather Alert!!!! PDA 24 hour Soccer Marathon

Special Olympics

to Benefit Special Olympics New Jersey

Instructions for Teams
EVENT: January 20th & 21st 2012 –Marathon Soccer Match (24 Hours) to benefit Special Olympics of NJ and the Players Development Academy. The kickoff will be at 4pm Friday afternoon, January 20th, and play will continue through 4 P.M. on Saturday, January 21st.
Venue and Team Schedule information to follow.
OBJECTIVE: To have the PDA players donate their time and energy, by helping to raise money to support the Special Olympics New Jersey Organization and the PDA. 
THE GAME: The game will be 24-hour match with unlimited substitution, with officials and a final score. Each PDA team will contribute approximately 2 hours of playing time. Upon arrival for your team’s assigned time slot, each PDA player (U8-U18 boys and girls) will be assigned to either the PDA WHITE or PDA BLUE team. The WHITE will play the BLUE, 11 v 11. It is expected that all PDA players participate. Appropriate age groups will compete against each other at the appropriate times (younger teams will not be playing in the middle of the night).
FUNDRAISING: Each player will solicit contributions based on the club playing 24 hours.
        Example: Anyone contributing $1.00 per hour toward the club performing for the 24  
        hours will make a $24.00 donation.
As with any competition, players sometimes cannot perform on a given day, due to injury, illness, previous engagements, etc. These players are still a part of the team and share equally in the glory or disappointment of the match. Therefore, whether one can or cannot perform in the marathon match, he/she should equally feel part of the team and share in the success of the match, the event, and the fundraiser. Although the premise is to receive donations based on the 24-hour period, any donation is welcome.
In order to reach our goal, each player would need to raise $300 to $400. Although this is a lofty goal, our hard work will be rewarded by the satisfaction the players will receive through their efforts to contribute to their club and the community.
  • DONATION ENVELOPE: Each player will receive a donation envelope.

            Please fill out the donor’s name and address with the amount donated. 
Assure donors that this is confidential and will be not be used to solicit in the future.
If the donation is based on the 24-hour period, show as such.
If the donation is a lump amount, only the amount is necessary.
Please check the “Cash” box or indicate check number n the “Check” box.
Cut off the donation form at the bottom of the flyer. Put the large side in the envelope and give the donor receipt to the donor.
  Important: All donations should be collected at the time of the pledge.

More envelopes are available if needed.


Go to the PDA [ website to print as many copies of the donation form as you need.

REMINDER: Parents are expected to contribute time to the event as well. Jobs will be assigned closer to the marathon. Anyone interested in helping with the Event Committee, please contact Patty Seitz:
Thank you for your support!

As you can see by clicking on this link the weather will not be co-operating for the sessions through the night,
All midnight to Saturday 1230pm games are canceled due to the weather and dangerous travel conditions.
The Marathon will close its doors midnight to Saturday 1230pm when we will start up again through 400pm.
We ask that in your next practice session the time slot is made up in honor of the Soccer marathon.
Knowing how functional our teams are and understanding the exceptional leadership / organizational skills of our coaches and managers we need the following to happen and know you will be able to pull it off. If you have a midnight through 1230pm time slot your team will not be required to participate given the dangerous travel conditions.
Instead we ask that 1 person on your team be responsible for collecting the donations today through the Closing Ceremonies @ 200pm to the best of your ability.
Please bring a roster marking all donations and the envelopes with you the 200pm - 400pm Closing Ceremonies @ Branchburg, make sure to keep a copy for yourselves just in case we have to track down some envelopes which we hope is not the case. We understand this will take a lot of work today and tomorrow to navigate through this process but it is essential we collect all we can before the conclusion of the marathon @ 400pm Saturday Jan 21st.
We need you to identify 1 person per team at this point responsible for collecting all donations for canceled teams midnight to Saturday 1230pm when the Marathon will resume to
Email Sam Nellins with the person’s name - mobile # - PDA Team. All other teams we will see at Branchburg.
All are welcome @ the Closing Ceremonies 200pm - 400pm Sat, Jan 20th when the Special Olympic Athletes get to show their stuff.
Please publicize this to your teams and we hope to see plenty of you at the closing ceremony. It is a very rewarding experience.
The Branchburg Sports Complex:
47 Readington Road
NJ 08876
A final reminder from you all to your players @ this time would be welcome.
Remember to talk to those coaches who you will share space with to talk about how the sessions will be organized.
It is our hope that teams will be grouped together and mixed for the times.
It is each Coaches responsibility to bring cones - pinnies and balls.
Times for our 48 PDA Teams:
400pm till 515pm: Figo - Lyon
515pm till 630pm: Drogba - galaxy
630pm till 745pm: crew - magic
745pm till 830pm: dragons - Ajax
830pm till 945pm: Rossi - Pride
945pm till 1100pm: Messi - Union
1100pm till midnight: Pele - Arsenal
Midnight till 100am: 97 Academy: 98 Academy: 97 United - 96 United
100am till 200am: Ginga - Warriors - Force
200am till 300am: U18 Academy - Harkes - Celtic - Charge
300am till 400am: U16 Academy - Slammers - 96 Academy - Crush
400am till 500am: Keane - McGeough - Shock - Clash
500am till 600am: Jinky - Rooney
600am till 700am: 99 United - Samba
700am till 800am: Spurs - 99 Academy - O'Reilly
800am till 930am: Gunners - Atletica
930am till 1100am: Hornets - Madrid
1100am till 1230am: Donavan - Splash
1230pm till 200pm: kaka - Storm
200pm till 400pm: CLOSING CEREMONIES
We still look forward to the a tremendous event.
Best regards,


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